The Saunders House prior to painting


Members of the Board of the Friends of the Sawyer Free Library
Peter Jenner, Chairman
Betty Nicastro, Secretary
Maureen Burke, Treasurer
Joan Gilson
Nancy Harrison
Carol Kelly
Catherine McGeary
Emily O’Malley
Bonnie O’Neil
Christy Park
Rosella Sagall
Gail Sarofeen


         During Fiscal 2009 we accepted five new members to the Friends of the Library board and with regrets accepted the resignations of four members.  We have made a decision this year to expand our financial support for the library.  To make this possible we need to continue to expand the community support through memberships in the Friends, our annual book sale and sale of other items.  To help us make decisions on financial support we have develop a “Request for Consideration of Funding” form and are in the process of establishing a formal budget.  In January two members of the board attended a regional Friends of Libraries meeting.
         This year we gave $4952 to the library for various programs and projects.  We provided half of the cost to produce Joe Garland’s reading of the “Lone Voyager” and money to purchase two paperback book racks for the library.  In addition we continue to fund museum passes.  We supply refreshments and sell Friends’ products at library events such as the Corporators Meeting and the Middle Street Walk.
         We sent out a “Friends of the Sawyer Free Library” fund raising newsletter to members and others in May.  Since the newsletter we have received to date 124 memberships with a total donation $4694.  Membership donations last year without a formal campaign were $2734.

         The book and bake sale yielded $2075 which was better than 2009.  It is only because of the Gloucester community participation that it is so successful.  We are also planning to purchase a case to provide a permanent display of the items that we have for sale.
         Outreach to the community is becoming a more important element in the Friends agenda.  We have been involved in the delivery of books to those who can’t get to the library easily for a few years and are working to expand the number of clients that we serve.  When one individual  renewed her membership, she said that this program was very much appreciated.  This year we made a commitment to participate in “Sidewalk Days” on Main Street.  Two members of the board created M. Goose who drew a lot of attention at “Sidewalk Days” for the library because of its uniqueness.  And we intend to continue our participation with M. Goose expanded.  It now sits in the children’s room and helps provide entertainment for the children.
         The Sawyer Free Library is one of Gloucester’s greatest assets.  The Friends Board is dedicated to supporting the library financially and expanding our outreach to the community.

Respectfully submitted,

Peter Jenner
Chairman of the Friends.