Library of Things

Our Library of Things is a unique collection of devices, gadgets, and gizmos that you might not immediately think of when you come to the library. From tablets to Hotspots, we’ve got everything to keep you connected, and our collection is always growing.

Things to Take Home

LED Projector

Give a presentation or show a film anywhere when you check out the LED projector.

Kindle Fire

Check out one of our three (3) Kind Fire tablets to read eBooks and listen to eAudiobooks anywhere.

Wireless Hotspot

Don’t have Wi-Fi at home or traveling where it might be spotty? Check out one of our five (5) Wireless Hotspots and get Wi-Fi anywhere you can get a cellular signal.

We also have one (1) “Express” hotspot that goes out for one week and is not holdable.

External Blu-Ray Drive

Play movies on your computer any time by checking out the External Blu-Ray Drive.

USB Battery

Charge your phone on the go with one of our two (2) USB Batteries.

Roku Streaming Player

Watch your favorite TV shows and movies on the Roku.

Things to Use in the Library

For Teens


Teens can check out one of three (3) Chromebooks for three (3) hours of in-library use.


PlayStation 4 Controllers

Teens can enjoy playing the PS4 in our Teen Corner by checking out our three (3) controllers. 



We have a variety of Wii and PS4 games teens can check out to play right in the teen corner. 


For Everyone


Need to charge your phone while in the library? We have standard chargers for your devices and lots of wall outlets!