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City of Gloucester
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Sponsored by the Lyceum Committee of the Sawyer Free Library
John Ronan, Vice-Chair, Coordinator



High School


First Place
Katina Tibbetts
Gloucester High School
Grade 12


The True Story

Everyone feels bad for her
But she’s no angel
The true story is
She stole my prince charming

She is my step sister
But I am not evil
She is not so nice
Underneath that innocent exterior

That magical pumpkin

And mice the morph into horses
Those are all lies
And that beautiful gown she wore
Well, that dress was mine.

Along with my gown,
She took my glass slippers too.
She ran away to the ball
Before I even knew.

And after she wooed him
I tried to explain
She was nothing but a liar
And a downright thief too,
He wanted to believe me,
So he said,
“Try on the shoe.”

I returned home
To retrieve that slipper
And as I walked in
I heard that evil little snicker
I didn’t realize how far
She would go
And then she went and closed
The door on my toe.

I couldn’t believe it
My foot was too big
My prince charming gave me
A sad look and said
“Sorry, you’re not my perfect fit.”

So this is my story
You don’t have to believe me
You can think
“Cinderella?! She wouldn’t hurt a thing!”
But she did, she stole my prince charming







Second Place
Billy O'Donnell
Phillips Academy, Andover
Grade 9



I find myself waking
Imagining the white tint
Of the light in my old room
Hints that snow has fallen outside
But when I look out the window
I realize this is not the case
There are only leaves swirling in the steely sky

The days of sun and boat rides
Are things of the past and of the distant future
The days of work and worry
Have engulfed me
The leaves have fallen
From their perches on the trees
Yet the lovely white blanket
Refuses to arrive

The bleakness of it
That is why it saddens me so
When I left for my new home
My old home was filled
With songbirds and the cool ocean air
Now I have returned
And these pleasures have been replaced
By cold north winds and heartless skies

I wish to have been here all along
But am relieved that I had not to see
The winter take the fall
And the fall take the summer

The days of work and worry
Have engulfed me
The leaves have fallen
From their perches on the trees
Yet the lovely white blanket
Refuses to arrive






Third Place
Elizabeth MacDougal
Gloucester High School
Grade 11


Calendar Thoughts

Lists refuse what is innumerable
Bleak boxes all that beauty would become
When fit to charts and figures, th'incalculable --
And what becomes us most's their conundrum
The yearly rot and moil
Of Seasoned soil
Seeds, grows, towers, quakes with epochs
You would say memory's forever
What then when minds decay?
Day by endless day forgot, interned, incarcerated in a Home
Cleaned free of all disease but rusty age.
They would they could recall a younger day,
And feint a memory for visitors
Because their lives which gave them names
Leave for a finished work a brittle clay,
Within the shallow hollow shine, while lasting, then declining, leave.
No value's told through time
See even eons are outlasted
Not cast in minds but those corruptible
Perpetuated nor indelible
But live
I breathe for now because
You know full-well the shades of life to come
Now sylphs, then shapes;
Now passing faded shadow,
Then foreshadowed.






Middle School


First Place
Alessandra Moceri
St. Ann’s School
Grade 8


Gone With the Wind

Sitting in what we believe is here
Watching intently as motionless sounds roam about
As the trees stand claimed and waters sing a silent song
What is the place of where I cannot see?
Only by the force of what is taken unexpectedly
How we live and how we’re gone
When I look I see it
And then, I think if what I had just seen was a reality
Not sure of what has been witnessed
Making no promises
It’s there and then disappears
Right before I get the chance to collect what I had just seen
Teasing figures and motions taunt me
Fearless of what is to happen
Waiting contently
Hoping for the best
Waiting for the worst to come
One step at a time
Coming closer and closer
Seeing the unseen
The best is to come
But it’s gone with the wind.


Second Place
Brynn Sibley
Glen Urquhart School
Grade 8


My Race and I

I suppress a want—
“a want for what?”
people question.
“to be accepted,”
was all I could say
with crystal droplets running
from my eyes.
my race
a fact
that follows me wherever I go—
it left behind unsaid morals;
produced a reason
for heads to turn, almost blindly.
those cynical minds whiz and whirl,
cast a sinister gaze
upon the unknown.




Third Place
Anna Gray
Ralph B. O’Maley Middle School
Grade 8


One More Moment

I watch as the shallow waves intersect,
Making lines of froth and puddles of aphonic liquid.
The warm colored sun has already set, leaving
A shadowy plum sky dotted with lacy, vivid stars.
Notions, and memories swirl constantly around my head,
Like the light snow that falls around me, instantly melting on
The frozen, powdery sand.
I close my eyes and reminisce of the past year,
Remembering the twelve months before.
A wintry, salty breeze blankets my lightly covered body.
A sudden fierce wind takes the soft breeze away, and chills me as it
Seeps down in to my skin; yet, it still feels like sheer bliss.
I hear the wind mix with the waves, churning and combining.
I brush my hair away from my dark, closed eyes.
But they see a new year lurking around the corner, chasing the past, until those
Memories are a in the back of my newly filled mind.
Seconds until midnight, I wait patiently.
The moonlight descends into my skin, awakening my senses.
Just one more moment.
I open my eyes.







Elementary School


First Place
Jemma Johnson-Shoucair
East Gloucester School
Grade 5



Leaping, jumping, falling
Soaring when the stars come
And still flying when the stars fall
Diminished by the rain's tear
And grasped again by the rich earth
It is as true as truth itself
And more eternal than all eternity
Hope is hope itself






Second Place
Moriah Murphy-Thornley
Home School
Grade 5


Proud Gloucester

As The wind blows, the trees sway. I hear the radio playing next door and
the sound of the cars on the busy street behind me.

Sunshine lights this day in many ways of beauty, hope, and new dreams to live.

The city of Gloucester is proud of its beaches, fishermen, busy streets and its calm beautiful roads.

This is Gloucester. And This is Beauty.







Third Place
Lucy Garber
East Gloucester School
Grade 2


The Kitten

Meow,meow,meow the kitten
lies on a hearth rug!
And playing with her yarn and chasing her tail like a snake.
And finally she goes to sleep.





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