China’s Second Continent

November’s title was China’s Second Continent: How a Million Migrants are Building a New Empire in Africa by Howard French. French travels around Africa to see how a surge in Chinese migration and investment is affecting both those migrants and the countries where they’re headed. A fascinating look at a globalizing world and the people caught up in it.


There are surprisingly few actual books related to Chinese influence abroad (aside from academic titles). Instead of the usual recommended titles list, here is a list of articles that explore Chinese influence abroad.


Articles that you have recommended or were brought up in the discussion [thank you!]:

New York Times – China Rules

MIT Technology Review – Who needs democracy when you have data?


For more about China’s role in Africa:


CNBC (2018) – Indian military scrambles to keep up after China moves to put forces in Africa

CNN (2018) – Employed by China [Interactive about Ethiopia, China, and jobs]

The Economist (2018) – China is broadening its efforts to win over African audiences

Washington Post (2018) – African countries have started to push back against Chinese development aid. Here’s why.



For anyone curious about China’s plans around the world, including it’s One Belt, One Road Initiative, here are a few articles about that: 


The Guardian (2018) – What is China’s Belt and Road Initiative? 

CNBC – The New Silk Road: Ambition and Opportunity [Documentary]

New Yorker – A New Silk Road [With photo gallery]

And here’s the One Belt, One Road Initiative as stated by the Chinese government:


And an interesting article about how Chinese trade impacts Gloucester:

Gloucester Daily Times – China tariffs threaten booming lobster business

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