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The Gloucester Lyceum and Sawyer Free Library is a public corporation governed by Corporators who elect the members of the Board of Trustees and the Officers of the Corporation.  The purpose of the Corporation is to promote and enhance the Library’s grounds and facilities, resources, programs and services.

Executive Committee

Mern Sibley, President
Fran Aliberte, Vice President
Joe Grella, Treasurer
John Day, Secretary

Board Members

Peter Brau
Geoff Bradford
Jason Brisbois
Jen Holmgren
Beth Morris
Simon Paddock
Anne-Marie Anderson Wickey
Mayor Greg Verga, Ex-officio
Library Director Jenny Benedict, Ex-officio

To contact the SFL Board of Trustees, email the Records Access Officer at

Standing Committees

The work of the Board takes place in Committees. Committee membership is composed of volunteers from the community and led by a member of the Board of Trustees.

Executive Committee – Mern Sibley, Chair

The Executive Committee ensures continuity and the timeliness of information provided to the Board, keeps abreast of ongoing issues of concern, advises the President on matters of importance, authorizes transfers of funds to fulfill existing or anticipated financial obligations, and reviews contracts prior to Board approval and execution.

Budget, Finance & Investments – Joe Grella, Chair

The Budget, Finance and Investment Committee prepares and monitors the annual budget, oversees the Corporation’s investments and disbursements and assists with the annual financial audit.

Governance – Beth Morris, Chair

The Governance Committee ensures the smooth operation and legal compliance of the Board. Its responsibilities include recruiting qualified candidates for Board roles and providing training and mentorship. The Committee also reviews proposed Bylaw and Policy amendments.

Corporate Communications – Fran Aliberte, Chair

The Corporate Communications Committee raises the public profile of the Library in the community through advertising, marketing and public relations. The Committee also leads the Annual Appeal.

Capital Projects – Simon Paddock, Chair

The Capital Projects Committee oversees the planning, design and construction of major capital projects. For more information, see The 2025 Sawyer Free Library and Historic Saunders House.

Financial Review – Peter Brau, Chair

The Financial Review Committee oversees the annual audit of the Library’s financial statements. The fiduciary oversight ensures the Library uses its resources consistent with its mission and applicable accounting standards. The Committee includes three people with significant professional experience in financial matters.

Saunders House Stewardship – John Day, Chair

The Saunders House Stewardship Committee identifies the special needs of this historic building constructed in 1764 and home to the Library since 1884. The Committee works to protect, stabilize and preserve it for continued use. For more information about the Saunders House, see Library History.

Legacy Committees

Gloucester Lyceum Committee – Beth Morris, Liaison

The Gloucester Lyceum enriches the lives of Cape Ann residents through thought-provoking and intellectually rewarding programs.  Based on both ancient and American Lyceum traditions, the Gloucester Lyceum was founded in 1830 and hosted by such luminaries as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau and Oliver Wendell Holmes. Today, the Gloucester Lyceum continues to provide a public forum that fosters a spirit of community and participation.

Friends of the Sawyer Free Library – John Day, Liaison

The Friends of the Sawyer Free Library is dedicated to supporting and improving the library user experience.  Funds raised by membership fees, the popular Book Shop, the Annual Art Auction, and other activities are given to the Library to be used for programs, museum passes and projects. The Friends are vital to the continued success of the Library.


The meetings of the Gloucester Lyceum and Sawyer Free Library Corporation are open to the public. Meeting agendas and minutes are posted on the City of Gloucester website in the Archive Center.


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