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The Amphitheater

In August 2021, the Library commemorated the amphitheater’s new sail awning in memory of one of Gloucester’s preeminent and beloved public citizens, the late Janis Davidson Stelluto. Since its installation, the awning has created a welcoming outdoor gathering space for family concerts, story times and many other Library public programs. The awning will be raised again in the spring of 2022.

Spring 2022 Landscape Maintenance

This spring, the loose gravel in the center of the amphitheater will be removed and replaced with granite paving stones. The granite will provide a more stable surface in the center of the stage.

The Library is sad to announce that the beech tree at the front entrance has to be taken down. Leading certified arborists have advised that the tree, which has significantly declined over the last decade, is a threat to public safety due to the high traffic public area. The tree is at high risk of sudden structural failure. Arborist Report

A portion of the wood from the tree will be preserved and the Library will work with local artisans to craft materials that commemorate the beloved beech. In addition, the Library plans to plant a substantially sized beech tree to replace its predecessor and, in doing so, provide a new, healthy tree canopy for the community.

2016 Tree Assessment

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