Poetry Without Paper Contest 2019


Poetry Without Paper is a contest encouraging young people in Gloucester to write poetry.  Gloucester students in elementary school, middle school, and high school (and those who are homeschooled) may enter. Students who go to school in Gloucester but live in other towns are also welcome to enter. Please write your own original poem and submit it through this website form below. 


1st Prize: $100

2nd Prize: $50

3rd Prize: Poetry Book

All winners will receive a certificate, present their winning poems at an Award Ceremony in the Spring, and receive an invitation to appear on Cape Ann TV’s The Writer’s Block with John Ronan. Winning poems and honorable mentions will be published online. 

Contest Rules and Instructions:

You may enter up to 3 poems per person.

Each poem must be submitted on a separate entry form in order to qualify.

Open our page again in a new tab rather than going back or refreshing to get the form again.

Please use your home contact information so we may easily contact you if your poem wins. 

To submit additional media, send an email directly to pwpsawyerfreelibrary@gmail.com with your attachment or link, your title, and your name. 

Please contact Christy Rosso for any clarification at 978-325-5551 or rosso@sawyerfreelibrary.org. 


Poetry without Paper
Parent/Guardian email strongly preferred for elementary and middle school participants.
Must submit only one per form.
Submit your poem here. Please contact children's services at Sawyer Free Library if you need any assistance or further directions. If you are submitting any special media, please send a separate email to pwpsawyerfreelibrary@gmail.com with the attachment included in the email, and your name, phone number, and the poem title.

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