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“It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” — Maya Angelou


Great Books for All Readers


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The Selkie
Project F by Duprau, Jeanne
Eva for President by Elliott, Rebecca
The Sky Over Rebecca by Fox, Matthew
Rewind by Graff, Lisa
Thunder by Hunter, Erin
Shira and Esther
Slugfest by Korman, Gordon
Abby In Neverland by Mlynowski, Sarah
Underdog City by Negron, Chris
Light and Air by Wendell, Mindy Nichols


The Weather by Boshouwers, Suzan
Insects by Ramakers, Sanne
We Are Starlings : Inside the Mesmerizing Magic of A Murmuration by Furrow, Robert
Aye-Aye by Sexton, Colleen A
Thank A Farmer by Gianferrari, Maria
My Head Has A Bellyache : More Nonsense for Mischievous Kids and Immature Grown-Ups by Harris, Chris
Are We There Yet? : How Humans Find Their Way by Birmingham, Maria
Leo Messi by Saanchez Vegara, Ma Isabel
A VIsit to Brazil by Redshaw, Hermione

Graphic Novels

The Encounter by Grine, Chris
The Message by Grine, Chris
One Horn to Rule Them All by Berne, Emma Carlson
Max Meow : Attack of the Zombees by Gallagher, John
Mayor Good Boy Goes Hollywood : A Graphic Novel by Scheidt, Dave
Mayor Good Boy Turns Bad by Scheidt, Dave
Mabuhay! : Can Two Kids Save the World and Still Work Their Family Food Truck? by Sterling, Zack
The Gem Gang by Stilton, Geronimo
Teacher's Pet by Andelfinger, Nicole

Picture Books

Love, Lah Lah by Blackman, Nailah
That Flag by Brown, Tameka Fryer
I'm From by Gray, Gary Jr
Nacieron Sobre El Agua / Nacieron Sobre El Agua / Born On the Water by Hannah-Jones, Nikole
The Yellow Handkerchief : El Pañuelo Amarillo by Higuera, Donna Barba
Little Red by Hillenbrand, Will
Never Forget Eleanor by June, Jason
The Box by Paglia, Isabella
My Grandfather's Song by Phung, Nguyen Quang
I'm Going to Be A Princess : A Story About Inspirational Black Women and Girls by Taylor, Stephanie (children's Author)
Every Dreaming Creature by Wenzel, Brendan
Bear Has A Belly by Whittingham, Jane

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