Curbside Technology

Can I access a public computer during curbside pickup hours?


How long can I borrow a Chromebook for?


How do I pick up a Chromebook for my scheduled appointment?


How many times can I borrow a Chromebook per week?

We are currently allowing patrons to make up to two appointments per week while we evaluate the demand for our public computing services during our phased reopening in order to ensure that we are able to meet our community’s needs.


Where can I use the Chromebooks?


Will the Chromebook that I borrow come with a wireless hotspot?


How do I return the Chromebook?


What happens if I do not return the Chromebook to curbside services on the day that I borrow it and return it the next day or later?

Your account will be fined the cost of replacement of the Chromebook until it is returned.


What should I do if I can return the Chromebook before curbside services end on the day I borrowed it but I am running late to the 4:00pm check-in time?

If you borrow a Chromebook and are running late for the 4:00pm check-in time, please contact us immediately to let us know by calling the library 978-325-5501.


What happens if I can’t make my appointment to pick up a Chromebook?

If you can’t make your scheduled appointment to borrow a Chromebook, please contact the library as soon as possible to reschedule your appointment as well as provide your missed appointment to someone else.


Will the Library’s public Wi-Fi be available during curbside services?

Yes, our free public Wi-Fi connection continues to be from outside of the building 24/7, no password or library card required to access. The signal extends throughout our parking lot and about 50′ away from the perimeter of the building. If you are on library grounds to use the public Wi-Fi connection please wear a face mask and practice social distancing.


Are the Library’s Wi-Fi hotspots still available to reserve during curbside services?

Yes, we have Wi-Fi hotspots available from our Library of Things collection that can be borrowed via curbside pickup for a week at a time. Reserve a hotspot online  or by calling the library, 978-325-5501. You will need your library card.


Will printing be available during curbside services?

Printing will be available during 1:00pm-5:00pm. Email documents that you want printed to and provide us with your first and last name in the email. We will respond to your email when it is available to pick up. Your print job will be placed in a folder or envelop with your name on it to protect any personal information. Once your print job is picked up we will delete the document from our email to ensure your privacy as well.


How much does printing cost during curbside services?

Printing will be free during curbside services in order to not place any extra financial burden on our community during this crisis. Because of this, we ask that you keep the documents that you need printed under 10 pages if possible and limit your print jobs based on their importance.