The Matz Gallery is an exhibition space for local artists to share their work in the library. The gallery is dedicated to Adolph I. Matz, an artist and generous library supporter for many years. Interested in exhibiting? Fill out an application.




This Month in the Matz Gallery:

Carol Dirga


Carol Dirga entitles her exhibit “Essential Travel” which includes both photos and text.  She describes the exhibit by saying that it is:

“An interweaving of reflections on 2020 with memories of life and travel. My map from life before the Pandemic is colorful and

crisscrossed with roads. I’m not on any road now. I step into my garden to uncover what the rabbit has been investigating.

And to wash my hands for 20 seconds in the soil.”

February in the Matz Gallery:
Linda Hurd
I use multiple watercolor paintings of ordinary things to bring light onto complex topics.  I explore various aspects of a subject and reflect on a deeper meaning.  Painting and writing helps me contemplate what I can learn from the subject.  The subject of “Regarding Fire” in this exhibit, I address how in life we can face things that can be both wonderful and terrible.  If we have experienced the terrible, there is hope, and recovery is possible.
I see my abilities as a gift.  My family and high school art teachers encouraged me.  Later, Beverly-Jean Smith, former art teacher and watercolorist guided me in more techniques.  Watercolor painting and creative writing are parts of my expression.  I have a B.A. in Psychology from Eastern Nazarene College, Quincy, and an M.A. in Writing and Publishing from Emerson College, Boston.  


Matz Gallery Exhibitions 2021

Carol Dirga (January)     Photos and Text
Linda T. Hurd (February)     Watercolor
Mike Cengami (March)     Landscape painting
Nancy Kwant,  (April)    Poetry group
Gloucester Student Art (May)
Olga Hayes (June)     Watercolor
Ken King (July)     Digital drawing
Tom Amend(August)     Oil painting
Annual Art Auction (September)
Juni Van Dyke (October)     Painting
William H. Waller(November)     Astronomy posters
Patricia Doran (December)     Watercolor


Exhibit in the Matz Gallery

Application to Exhibit

The Matz Gallery is a program of the Sawyer Free Library. Artists interested in exhibiting in the gallery are invited to submit an application and images of their work. Applications are available on the library website or at the main desk.


Artwork can be in any medium, such as drawing, prints, painting, photographs, mixed media, assemblage, or wall-hung sculpture. A committee examines and reviews all applications and sets the schedule for the coming year. Artists who are accepted receive an agreement by email, which includes the month assigned and the name of a facilitator for the day of the hanging. Artwork is hung for one month. The artist may hold a reception (non-alcoholic) during that month in the gallery.


The Committee strives to present a balance of styles and mediums, along with a range of artists working at different stages in their careers. 


About the Matz Gallery

The brick and wood paneled lobby entrance is dedicated and named for the late Adolph I. Matz, an artist and generous library supporter for many years. Mr. Matz was a very kind hearted and generous man who wanted to support the arts as well as give back to his beloved city of Gloucester. His giving back consisted of reaching out to the people of Gloucester by the scholarships and funds he set up at the Sawyer Free Library. As an artist he reached out the support the students at Gloucester High School with generous art scholarships. He combined his love of art and his love for children by funding library programs for children and supported an annual art show and exhibit of their work for many years. Before the Art Advisory and the Friends of the Library funding was available, he and his family supported the museum pass program to many Boston area museums.


During the 80’s when the library was preparing to enter the computer age, it was Mr. Matz who donated the funds for terminals and ports throughout all the departments of the library, purchased the public access automated catalogs and the laser scanners, and a wealth of other important equipment. Although he maintained that he did not really understand the business of computers back then, he nonetheless provided funds at that time for much of the installation of computer equipment.


According to then Assistant Director Priscilla White, “It was Mr. Matz’s hope and dream that the Sawyer Free Library would always serve equally both the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the student and the executive, the parent and the teacher; and would always act as forum to provide exhibits, programs, lectures, or any other media that would help improve the culture of our community or contribute to the entertainment of its people of all ages.”


Decades ago with great foresight and appreciation for the natural beauty of Cape Ann, Mr. Matz developed one of the first campgrounds in New England as a perfect setting for Cape Ann tourists to experience the coastal surroundings and beautiful beaches. He purchased and developed his woodland property off Atlantic Street near the entrance of Wingaersheek Beach where it continues to be managed by his family as the Cape Ann Camp Site. His legacy of generous library giving, his strong belief in the mission of the public library, and his support of children and the arts also continue through his family.