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A Master of djinn by Clark, P. Djèlí
The wolf and the woodsman : a novel by Reid, Ava
The cost of my faith : how a decision in my cake shop took me to the Supreme Court by Phillips, Jack
The promise of bitcoin : the future of money and how it can work for you by Lee, Bobby C.
Life on the line : young doctors come of age in a pandemic by Goldberg, Emma.
The burning blue : the untold story of Christa McAuliffe and NASA's Challenger disaster by Cook, Kevin
81 questions for parents : helping your kids succeed in school by Amundson, Kristen J.
A guide to writing college admissions essays : practical advice for students and parents by Franklin, Cory M.
Swimming to the top of the tide : finding life where land and water meet by Hanlon, Patricia
Technically food : inside Silicon Valley's mission to change what we eat by Zimberoff, Larissa.
The Arabesque table : contemporary recipes from the Arab world by Kassis, Reem
Working from home : making the new normal work for you by Mangia, Karen
Everyday mojo songs of Earth : new and selected poems, 2001-2021 by Komunyakaa, Yusef
More bad days in history : the delightfully dismal, day-to-day saga of ignominy, idiocy, and incompetence continues by Farquhar, Michael
An atlas of extinct countries by Defoe, Gideon.
Family tree factbook : key genealogy tips and stats for the busy researcher by Haddad, Diane
By the light of burning dreams : the triumphs and tragedies of the second American revolution by Talbot, David
Sons of valor by Andrews, Brian
The president's daughter : a thriller by Clinton, Bill
The last thing he told me : a novel by Dave, Laura
The summer job by Dent, Lizzy
Legends of the North Cascades : a novel by Evison, Jonathan.
Unsettled ground by Fuller, Claire
Everyone knows your mother is a witch by Galchen, Rivka
Dust off the bones : a novel by Howarth, Paul
The woman in the purple skirt : a novel by Imamura, Natsuko
Freed by James, E. L.
The woman with the blue star by Jenoff, Pam.
The bullet by Johansen, Iris
Lorna Mott comes home : a novel by Johnson, Diane
Palace of the drowned by Mangan, Christine
The atmospherians : a novel by McElroy, Alex
The missing treasures of Amy Ashton : a novel by Ray, Eleanor  (Author)
Playing the palace by Rudnick, Paul
Great circle : a novel by Shipstead, Maggie
Should we stay or should we go : a novel by Shriver, Lionel
Animal : a novel by Taddeo, Lisa
The hidden palace : a novel of the Golem and the Jinni by Wecker, Helene
A dark and secret place : a novel by Williams, Jen  (Fiction writer)
Seven days in June : a novel by Williams, Tia

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